Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Earth 2

HHMMM Loaded question!  Well I have a few theories!

We are here to:




Fall Down

Get Back Up

Push our limits

And Find out we have none, other then the ones we create for ourselves

Help others

By Helping ourselves

Get Lost

While finding ourselves


Be Loved

wedding pic

Here’s how I like to do these things:

I like to feel good about who I am by taking good care of myself inside and out

I like to forgive myself and others for not being perfect, because perfect is boringand unrealistic

I like to learn ALOT so I can do and be better then I was yesterday

I like to share what I have learned with others to help them grow, just like I learned from others to help me grow

I like to find easier, safer, more joyful things, places, people, experiences

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

I put these things into play every day by:

Meditating, Exercising, Eating healthy, listening to my body when it calls to me with dis-ease and imbalance, and nurture myself with self care treatments, like massage, energy treatments walks in nature and lots of rest.

Taking it easy on myself when I’m not 100% on my game knowing that must mean I need a break, taking it easy on others when they are not 100% knowing that must mean they need some self care too.  This is otherwise known as forgiveness.

I love to Read and take classes it keeps my life exciting and my future promising new adventures and the promise of meeting new people every day.

I love sharing my exeriences with others so that they can benefit from the knowledge I have collected that has made my life and relationships more complete.  We can all take turns propelling humanity forward to a more balanced conscious awareness of our impact on each other and the planet by sharing guidance with each other.

i am amazed every day with how this style of living keeps me happy, fulfilled and full of peace and joy.  Not long ago my goal was to feel peace joy and tranquility.  I kept looking for it outside myself.  It took some time but I found it.  Right here inside me, and if you look deep enough you will find it in you too.

Life coaching

I would love to help if you will let me …

Upcoming class for for the end of June include:

Weds June 24 live blood analysis, learn about what your blood can tell you about your health $10

Saturday June 27 become a certified reiki practitioner offer healing energy to loved ones or even start a practice.

Saturday June 27 from 1:30-2:30 $10 learn the basics about crystal therapy and how this inexpensive natural option is an essential tool for your medicine cabinet.  Lessen your medicine intake with natural healing options.

no more medicine mama

Call to reserve Seats 519-886-8624

mental health week #1

Tips Tuesday – List of 10 + 1 things to Remember not to Forget!

Tips Tuesday – List of 10 + 1 things to Remember not to Forget!

1- The longest you should go between hair cuts is maximum 2 months split ends are not repairable, trimming off dry ends prevents hair’Running’ like nylons and damaging healthy hair and prevents ‘Amputation”

2 – The least often you should get facials is seasonally minimum, each season leave sit’s mark! Spring to remove Winter dryness and dull finish on skin, Summer to moisturize and nourish skin to enhance it’s ability to regenerate and protect itself throughout summer, Fall to remove summer damage from uv and oil build up, winter to to moisturize and nourish skin to enhance it’s ability to regenerate and protect itself throughout the harsh dry winter months.

3 – Waxing lasts 2-4 wks sometimes as long as 6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows.  Hair grows faster in the summer.  Hair growth goes through cycles, including dormant stage so once in a while you will see slower growing then others.

4- Mineral makeup is better for you.  It re-mineralizes the skin AND has natural zinc syn protection!  make sure you keep your brushes clean because mineral makeup especially FitGlow, has no preservatives which is GREAT!  But it means you have to clean your brushes regularly to avoid introducing biological agents from your skin that could create bacteria growth.  Mineral make up is from mineral which is non living, but skin tissue and oil is and left unattended to causes bacteria.

5- DO THROW OUT OLD PRODUCT THAT HAS EXPIRED! I don’t normally encourage throwing stuff out, BUT old product for hair and skin could cause irritation, infection and worst, due to some questionable ingredients can become carcinogens affecting your respiratory system.

6- You SHOULD share your healthy green products with your family.  It has been proven that our children have more toxins in their bodies then we do.  Some infants are born with more toxins then their grandparents.

7- Do moisturize your skin right after washing, the pores are more open after washing with war water so applying ,moisturizer immediately allows for more effective absorption  Applying an anti aging serum before bed has more impact on regenerating cells then during the day.

8- Deep conditioning treatments DO protect your hair and extend the time between cuts and preserves your colour.  Think of a sponge that is pores like your hair.  a full sponge is plump and fat, as your hair should be, as well the cuticle should be close.  If the hair is dry and brittle the cuticle is open and the colour slips out fade and the hair breaks.  By filling the hair with moisture you ensure a happy cuticle, happy ends and happy colour!

9- Everyone is Oil Crazy these days!  Oil in moderation is good, BUT think of how oil and water repel each other.  Water is moisture and if you use too much oil you could repel the moisture and dry out your hair more!  (See above)  If your hair is already dry only use oil to define ends after styling and only a little bit.

10- If you want your hair and skin to glow, your smile to gleam and your body to stay toned and defy aging, practice yoga and meditation daily.  It’s proven that stress ages, makes you skin and cause weight gain, dull skin and hair.  Practicing self care regimens as listed above prevents these traditionally accepted forms of aging and provides you with energy to burn!

11- Learn to love, accept and care for yourself.  Learning something new keeps your brain busy and healthy, learning new things that enhance your life experience allows you for a more passionate life, learning to be more self sufficient with your own needs makes you less of a burden on others.  By leading a more independent life you become less of a victim of life and more of an effective contributor to making this world a better place.

Last call for workshops and classes until September of 2015!  Check out our list or call in for deets! 519-886-8624

Join our 21 day yoga challenge with Christine Polak 7-8 from July 6 – 26  in front of HHDS!

Check her out at and contact her for more info at




Tips Tuesday – Giving Back

Tips Tuesday – Giving Back

I have had some people ask why I don’t use an organization to work through to donate our Tree annually, my response is the I don’t get to be there. I actually get teary eyed every year without fail watching the kids at each school paticipate!  If we are not there we don’t get to share our message.  This is no small thing.  Anyone can plant a tree, even though not enough of us do, but what message is sent with that? We are all so cuaght up on our own heads do we notice when a tree is planted or cut down?   My heart breaks every time I see a tree cut down, the response is ‘We needed the room, it was in the way’.  Or when I drive down Ira Needle to see trees that had been planted along the side of the road just the year before torn up for road work, or not watered so they die the same season.

When we donate a tree, we ask around for a school in need of one.  We then contact them and ask to be present for the planting.  I have been met with gratitude, surprise and in some occasions impatience.  I realize we are all busy but this is a priority.  I know that donating one tree a year can’t make up for the thousands cut down every year.  What I am trying to do is create awareness.  If we can show others that this form of effort is worthy of us all gathering around for a moment to revere the majesty of this life giving miracle, perhaps others will recognize this and be motivated to do the same.  If we are not present for the planting we become an obscure name over the school pa system, over in a moment.  If we are present our efforts to create awareness about our environmental state has power.  Each of our staff takes time out of their day to be there.  To honor the celebration of the tree.  A symbolism of life, a life giving gift to us all.  Without trees we would have no oxygen, no shade, less, fruit, less building material, and on and on and on.  At HHDS we spend EVERY DAY, offering safer nurturing services and experiences to our guests, reminding them that they MUST care for themselves, we expand that awareness to our planet by showing our guests, and our community that we must show care for our environment.  This is all intrinsically connected.

We all need to slow down, to take a breath to live in the moment, to look around and ask ourselves what are we teaching our children about self care, and in turn caring about our planet.  A guest who comes in to our space who learnes this lesson goes out to the community and becomes an example to others and it spreads like an epidemic.  Yes, this is my goal, to become an ECO epidemic, sweeping the nation creating a consciousness whose side affects consist of unconditional self love, acceptance, care, awareness and in turn these same side affects will be enjoyed by the entire planet in how we chose to treat each other and how we impact our planet.

Will you be the next to be infected?




 I want to thank Jean Steckle Public School, Especially Brian and Karen,  for their kind welcome and accetance of our two trees this year and I’m excited to watch the Kindergarten class grow up with our trees!  Very excited to learn that like me Jean Steckle was a farm girl with environmental consciouness in her blood, how fitting that we be able to honour her memory with our donation and awareness of Eco Concept!

Tips Tuesday – TMI On Social Media

social media

HHHMMM A little Harsh?

Sorry, But Think about this for a second.

I’m in the industry that used to be known as ‘The First Impression Maker!

No longer can we hold this auspicious title.

Social media is now your official ‘First Impression Maker’.


What does your social media say about you?  I had a conversation with a Networking ‘Friend’ on facebook.  She has just posted what I felt was a very authentic view of herself and I commended her candid and balance in her comment.

She had stated that she had noticed her efforts of late had slacked since she had first begun her journey in her efforts, however in observing this she realized how far she had come so quickly in her goals initially and how she was so proud of that fat.  She then realized she had strayed off course and had fallen prey to being busy and distracted.  After observing this of herself she sat in a state of recognition of her power to alter her current reality as she had before.  In realizing her ability to control her reality both in her initial success, followed by temporary distraction and back to balance she had the ability to not just re-attain her previous success but exceed it.

By sharing this story with her friends she showed that she was human, flawed but capable, and very accessible.

Generally when someone asks how we are doing, we say, ‘Good’ ‘Fine’ ‘Great’, many of us are afraid to show that we are human, that badge of honour connected to you have to be ‘Good’ no matter what stressors are in your life, because if anyone sees a chink in your armour its all over the façade it blown!  If you aren’t stressed you aren’t successful!   Maybe it’s not appropriate when someone asks how is business to say wow it sucks, it’s been slow and staff is hard to come by, but a happy medium might be good?  ‘How are you’, ‘I’m doing alright, family is healthy, business has been a bit slow but it fluctuates!’ This is a balance.  A realistic snap shot of reality, the good the bad and the neutral, life is neither good or bad, it’s how you perceive your reality.  I find it interesting how some pessimists label themselves realists.  Somehow these individuals believe that in order to be ‘realistic’ you must be negative or only see the negative side of the situation.  Being a Libra I am cursed, and blessed with seeing both sides, IN EVERYTHING!  Some people see this as indecisive, but in reality it is just reality.  In reality there are two sides to everything. ‘Negative’ and ‘Positive’.  In nature there just ‘IS’.  And if you mess with it you mess with the balance.  Listen I’m with ya, I hate watching the Lion catch the Gazelle on the nature shows, but what happens if there is no Lion? Everything is in a delicate balace.  And if you are too far one way or the other, you are out of balance.  Balance is crucial In health and when it comes to portraying yourself to others you might want to look at your social media pages for clues.

I often find it interesting how others perceive me.  We all have a different view on a situation. Five different people could go watch a movie and each one would have a view of the best and worst part, the parts they remembered or whether or not they would recommend it to others.  This is a reflection fo a whole other convo, one you could participate in this Saturday from 2:30-5:30 for our Writing On The Wall workshop.  It sheds light on how the brain is impacted at child hood and provides us with a filter we perceive our lives through, until we recognize our ability to alter the filter to become more balanced and less judgmental in our view point on life.

On the flip side what DOES your social media say about you?

Are you using it to vent, bad hair days, broken hearts, and lost causes?  How does this negative posting affect your friends and loved ones?  Those who love and support you might feel disappointed and hurt that the venting might show others that you don’t have the support and love from family that they do in reality provide, but that you in your perspective don’t see, or perhaps appreciate?   This results in ‘Un-Friending’ as many acquaintances might find the negativity too much, loved ones might feel the need to release the ties to protect themselves from the hurt it causes.

Are you posting rainbows and butterflies, or something in the middle.  I guess if your social media is a place where people are deriving ‘First Impressions’ from such as  future employers, romantic partners and networking contacts I guess this might be an area to look at what 1 dimensional perspective of ourselves we are displaying.  You can’t blame someone from being repelled by accessive negative posts, or concerned about inauthentic behaviour.  I will admit I’m a little further towards rainbows and butterflies, I guess I feel a need to swing the pendulum a little farther to the light side to offset all the negativity.

I also feel that social media is more of a place for inspiration and motivation.

 But hey, that’s just me!

The Writing On Your Wall Work Shop May 30th, Live The Life You Want to Create!

mental health week #1

The Writing on Our Walls – Offered By Erin Kiers

May 30th $30 RSVP with a $10 Deposit Seats are limited

This is our newest Echo Center Created Program offering understanding how our minds work. We invite participants to look at their life right now. Our outer world will always reflect our inner world. Perhaps; we do not like what we see related to our relationships; our finances, our career, or perhaps we have some fears that are holding us back. Our problems are not solved in isolation, nor are they solved by the same mind that created them.  This overview of this in depth workshop you will get  sample of what you can delve deeper into if you choose to participate in the unveiling of your true higher self.  Once you have completed this 3-4 hour workshop you will be ready to delve deeper into your own power with the assistance of a trained Holistic Life Coach and Energy Psychologist, Erin Kiers Owner of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa AND The Institute for Harmonious Living.

To Reserve a Seat Please call 519-886-8624 or email us at or

Erin Has Graduated From I-Echo Center for Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology and has begun the journey of assisting others on the journey to self awareness.  Depending on the need of the participant, One on One sessions for self discovery, group sessions, marital coaching, and professional coaching. Erin has classes starting this September guiding those who are called  to become Certified Holistic Life Coaches and Energy Psychologists like herself.  Erin’s aim is to help assist anyone on the path to self healing and empower everyone to recognize their ability to lead healthy harmonious lives.  Each individual who stands in their power aids the human race as a whole to realize the healing nature we posses to support those around us and our planet.

Included in the FULL optional Writing on the Wall program are a series of nine workshops, which are included in a participant’s workbook. The option to sign up for this in depth discovery program will be offered the afternoon of our class with a discount for the attendees that day. These workshops are offered privately, in groups, and online for your convenience.   If you wish to jump right in to the full program contact me at the above mentioned phone number and or email addresses.

Full Writing On Your Work Shops include:

Goals … Discovering Your True Passion

Heal Your Relationship with Money NOW!

Be the Change … Your Profound Impact of the World

Your Identity Creates Your Reality… Healing Your Critical Voice

 Be That NOW! … The Law of Attraction Works for YOU

Overcome Obstacles to Your Biggest Dream

Attract and Enjoy Spectacular Relationship

Your Identity Creates Your Reality…. Healing Your Critical Voice

Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Peace

I look forward to walking along side you on your journey to Self Empowerment!

Erin Kiers

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Tips Tuesday!

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Tips Tuesday – Summer Skin Protection! Last Call for Spring Classes!

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

This Summer take extra care with your biggest organ!  YOUR SKIN!  Many guest enjoy RVB Holistic Day Cream with SPF 10 as a daily protection over commercial drug store brand protections that are heavy and clog the skin!

Also Our FitGlow Mineral Make Up contains ZINC in it’s foundations to provide natural ingredient protection!

Put SunScreen on at least 15 minutes before going outside. Use 1 ounce, which would fill a shot glass.  Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours or more often if you’re sweating or swimming

Wearing Hats can be sexy and safe against aggressive suns raze!  Big Brims and over sized Total UV Protection sunglasses ad Big Mystery!  Pair it with a pin up girl bathing suit and knock’em dead!

Avoid being out in the sun as much as possible from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Check your skin regularly so you know what’s normal for you and to notice any changes or new growths.

Classes and Workshops for May and June!  Book Your Seat Today!

***Only $10 Deposit to reserve a seat!


Saturday May 9 * Healing your body – 2 hour workshop – $30/person  Kerstin Kramer

Thursday May14 Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss /Or Quitting Smoking   $70.00     Brenda Schrader

Saturday May 16 Open

Saturday May 30   The Writing on your Wall – $30 Erin Kiers, Holistic Practitioner, and Instructor, Energy Psychologist.


 Saturday June 6th Reiki level 2 8:30-2:30 -$150.00 each Brenda Schrader

Monday June 8th Essential Oils 6-8  – $10 Lisa Thurman

Wednesday June 10 * Basic Dowsing – 2 hour workshop –  7-9 pm $30/person Kerstin Kramer

Saturday and Sunday June 13\14  Master Level Reiki -$400.00  Brenda Schrader and Kerstin Kramer

Saturday June 20 Open

Wednesday June 24 * Live Blood Analysis – 1 hour lecture -7-8 pm $10 Kerstin Kramer

Saturday June 27 Crystal Therapy, $10 Erin Kiers Holistic Practitioner, and Instructor, Energy Psychologist.

We will be on a Summer Break until September 2015!  We will have a list of classes and workshops posted soon!

Grad – Prom – Weddings, Pick Your Package!

Grad 3

Grad – Prom – Weddings, Pick Your Package!


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Tips Tuesday – ‘Grounding’ C\O Kerstin Kramer @ HHDS

I just want to thank Kerstin Kramer for her contribution to Tips Tuesday, with her Grounding Blog.  In conclusion to Mental Health week last week this awareness continues to assist you with your self care to prevent energy loss and preserve your Mental Health.

Enjoy! Erin

feet 1

Practical Guide to Grounding 

Kerstin Kramer @ HHDS

There is more to your body than just what meets the eye. Beside your physical body you also have an energetic body surrounding you. Some people refer to this as your “aura” or “energy field”. In a healthy body your energy moves freely in, through and around your body, nourishing all of your vital organs and body systems. When you feel out of sorts, upset, or anxious the flow of that energy can become inhibited or blocked and sometimes we also draw too much energy in, which makes us feel exhausted or agitated.

Being able to “ground” yourself or to balance your energy is an important self-care tool, which can help tremendously in maintaining health & wellness. In this little guide I will share some insights on how to become aware of your own energy and how to dispose of any excess energy your body may hold!

What is grounding?

When we ground, we consciously realign our energy with that of the Earth. The Earth has been playing an important part in our wellbeing since the dawn of time, as it supports us and recharges our cells on a daily basis. Most of us feel very comfortable and grounded when we walk in bare feet along the beach – that is just one of those opportunities where we connect with the Earth in order to ground ourselves.

When we ground ourselves we recharge not just our physical body, but we also address any mental, emotional or spiritual concerns that have been lingering in our energy field. Through the process of grounding we also balance the electrical charges in our body – positive and negative.

How do I know if I need grounding?

Your body is in constant communication with you and sends signals to you, to let you know how balanced you are at any given day and time. Most of us do know when we feel well – that is when we feel upbeat, excited, happy, content, joyous and optimistic. On the other side of the coin, we can also tell when we feel “off”.

The following symptoms point towards your energy being out of balance, disconnected from Earth:

  • feeling moody, down or depressed
  • feeling angry, anxious or agitated
  • feeling lost, lethargic, slow or forgetful with a tendency to procrastinate
  • experiencing day dreaming, forgetfulness or feeling lost
  • experiencing weight gain, dizziness, headaches & migraines, nausea
  • experiencing sleep problems or falling asleep when meditating

How can I ground myself?

Some of the techniques that you can do to ground your body are already part of your daily life. If you can bring conscious awareness to these processes, you are able to truly benefit from these techniques and help your body come back to balance in an effortless way.

Connect with nature and the earth:

  • Walk barefoot on the ground, at the beach or in your garden
  • Spend time in your garden, connecting with the earth and the plants
  • Touch or climb a tree or simply sit under it to read a book or have a picnic
  • Walk, jog or meditate outside
  • Take relaxing showers and imagine the water cleansing your physical & energy body

Incorporate the grounding colour red into your life:

  • Wear red socks or underwear
  • Wear red shoes
  • Add more red colour to your home

Expose your body to movement & vibration:

  • Jump up and down on the spot
  • Practice drumming with drums
  • Exercise by practicing Yoga or squats
  • Stomp your feet on the spot

Consume foods that are very grounding in nature:

  • Eat root veggies
  • Eat sweet potatoes & yams
  • Eat good quality proteins (eggs, nuts & meats)

Add grounding stones to your jewellery:

  • Select hematite, obsidian, black tourmaline, ruby or onyx
  • Choose a special stone that you picked up from a favourite place that you visited

Use essential oils in a diffuser or on your skin:

Incorporate holistic modalities:

  • Reiki (very grounding, balances energy)
  • Reflexology (brings awareness to your foot, opens up root chakra)

Kerstin Kramer Owner of Natural Health Touch



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