Tips Tuesday – Transition to Fall and Back To School!


Tips Tuesday – Transition to Fall and Back To School!

Well I just got back from holidays and realized school starts in a week!  Even though it’s later this year summer never seems long enough for me.  Summer is my favorite season hands down.  So I brace myself for less time with the kids and wearing socks to bed again.  BUT it’s not ALL that bad.  While on Holidays last week with my husbands sometimes overwhelming large family, I did a little self review, on many levels.  Transition is inevitable!  My Mom, My in laws, My ex-In laws and my step kids will have all moved within a year and the latter three within weeks of each other. Can you say Holly Crap!  the transition of seasons are a little more typical, but can still be tough.  I decided to plan ahead to allow the transition to happen more gently.  here is what I have decided to try and I invite you to try and even make more suggestions of our own!

1- Get outside more regardless of the season so that I don’t become as house bound, and enjoy the seasons more!

2- Motivate the kids to get their homework done BEFORE we get home from work so we can get outside for bike rides and other seasonally related sports

3- Embrace the positives of each season like hot chocolate and tea on cold days, family game night, walks in the fresh sparkling snow!

4- Indulge in really nice looking warmer clothes, do something fun with my hair colour, layer up a lot to stay warm and plan a vacation somewhere HOT!

5- Be more child like while observing change.  Children have no pre conceived notions or attachment to outcome because many times it’ the first time.  We assume a lot about experiences.  One thing I have learned is that If we choose to observe the moment the outcome changes almost every time.  So assuming winter will suck, will make it so.

So we’ll whether the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not! Now choosing to not like it will affect how we enjoy our life as much as choosing to like it, soooo…. might as well save yourself some grief and have fun with it right?  So get creative with your problem solving.  If transition is an issue, what do you not like about it?  Then come up with a plan to seek the positives and see how your life changes for the positive with your new positive outlook!

back to school

De-Stressing Back To School!


De-Stressing Back To School!

If there re a few little details I have learned over the last 20 years of being a mother I will say this.  Back to school does NOT have to be drama and stress! Here are a list of suggestions to help you through!

  1. It’s been a busy summer, if you feel like you have not had enough time one on one with your kids, book it in IN INK on your calendar now while you have some time to work with.  One thng I had issues with was Mother’s working guilt.  SO book in quiet time, fun time anytime with each kid separately and then some time together as a family.  Doesn’t matter what it is just have fun with it!  Don’t wait for back to school to look back and say crap where did the time go?

2) I used to rush around getting clothes for a full fall wardrobe.  THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS ALOST ALWAYS SWELTERING!!! The worst torture you can put your kid through is sending them to school in flannel or heavy sweaters.  Do yourself and your wallet a favour and get some last minute sale rack summer clothes for the first day.  They will still feel fresh and new but won’t melt all day!

3) Wait to see what others are doing!  Booking your back to school shopping AFTER school starts allows you to prolong the fun, Save on your finances as EVERYTHING goes on sale for fall clothes after back to school ,and lets face it, kids want to know what their friends are wearing.  Many times I dropped a ton of cash on what we thought were great ‘fashion’ items only to find out ‘No one else is where stuff like that MOM!’  SOOOO wait till after back to school, it gives you all something to look forward to, they will still fit through to the spring cause lets face it they grow like little weeds!  And it would suck to buy stuff early to find out there brand new American Eagle jeans are now FLOODS!

4) If you MUST buy some fall stuff do it with assistance AND sanity.  Don’t go over board pick one or two outfits that can mix and match.  Go AFTER you have gone through their clothes at home to fill in the gaps.

5) Use the sales clerks, hoping that they are experienced.  I had a great experience with Alicia at Garage!  My 12 year old has a new figure and doesn’t know what her ‘Look” is .  So after gliding through several store without her ‘Seeing anything she liked’.  I took her for a for sure win (Where my 19 and 14 year old like to go)  Garage!.  I have had to except that the days of popping her in a dress and curling her hair for the first day are over.  She wants to ‘Fit in” not stand out like a Barbie doll!  As we were gliding through yet again with her face looking like a deer in head lights I grabbed a couple things and shoved her into a change room, knowing if she just started trying things on she would get a feel for what she liked.  It’s a tricky stage going into Grade 7 is a big year and kids feel pressure to feel comfortable with how they look.  Luckily Alicia zoned in on us and started bringing in looks she knew were popular!  And Bingo! We left with some great summer /fall transition outfits!

6)  Book in your back to school hair cut BEFORE school starts.  Even if it’s just a trim!  They can always come back in to get their fashion forward cut a month later, once they see what the friends are doing,  but going in looking fresh and tidy is KEY!  For older girls consider waxing, taming those brows or legs for the first time helps them feel tidy and confident.  Wanna make it special?  Flip flops are still going to be worn for the first few weeks maybe a mani and pedi are the answer?

No matter what approach you take for back to school, it’s a big transition for everyone so be gentle with yourself!  AND THEM LOL

Good Luck!

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Living Consciously, Living Green!

Earth 2

Living Consciously, Living Green!

It does not matter how you have been living your life up till now.  From this day forward you can make more conscious decisions to create a more positive affect on your immediate environment and in turn send ripples of awareness all around you affecting the entire planet!

Where do you start?

Start your own Eco Audit!

Look at the energy preservation in your home.  Do you use a lot of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter?  Could your doors and windows be improved or updated?  Roof leaking?  Insulation adequate? Are your appliance high efficiency? If you rent and don’t have a lot of say in the purchase or maintenance of your home look at communicating with your landlord to improve these issues, and or begin doing small improvements like caulking, applying film to the windows in the winter to prevent heat leakage.  Everyone can open windows at night in the summer and close windows and drapes in the day to prevent over running of A/C.  Try using your BBQ more often in seasonal weather to reduce hydro use and prevent from heating up the house with your stove.  If it’s yellow let it mellow!  Flush less!  Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.  Be a light cop!  Make sure lights you don’t need are turned off!  Unplug appliances you don’t need on a regular basis to reduce small amounts of energy being wasted, it adds up!  BTW  ALL THIS SAVES YOU MONEY!!

Go Deeper..

What are your consuming habits?  If something breaks, do you toss it and replace it right away?  Maybe ask yourself do you really use it a lot?  Do you need it?  Could you repair it or donate it to someone who could repair it?  Always ask yourself if something could be reuses, repurpose or repaired before filling our already exhausted landfills!  When you purchase something ask yourself if you need brand new or if you could support recycling and repurposing by buying from second hand or off kijiji!  Again saving you money and reducing the manufacturing of new products that cause negative eco impact in the manufacturing of new products and the endless filling up of our land fills! |When you do buy, do you consider where it is made?  Locally made has the least negative impact on the planet.  How is it made?  Do they use recycled products to reproduce their products if so what percentage?  What is in the product? How will it be reused or repurposed after you use it?  Think long term when you buy, do you really need it?  Can you reuse or donate it after?  Is it easily repaired?  Is it full of toxic materials that will leak into our water table as it decompose?  Does it decompose?

Consider using less…. and less….. and less…..

Native Americans believe every choice they make should be deeply considered in its impact on not just the immediate timeline but on 7 generations!!!  If we began to think this way many issues would be diverted.  When buying anything ask yourself can I find it with less packaging?  How will I deal with this packaging?  Every Piece of plastic EVER MADE is still on this planet.  The original plastics were quite toxic too! We need to reuse this seemingly multi use product found in so many things, and reduce, if not CEASE, making any more NEW plastic.

Buy Local Small Green Business

Where do you shop?  Do you go to big companies shipping in copious amounts of off seas products made in countries with lax regulations on  the manufacturing of their products?  Of do you prefer to shop at markets, or small shops boasting hand made reusable items?

We are a society of convenience and short sightedness.  But this can be corrected!  Shifting these realities is as simple as shifting your awareness.  Make small choices each day that ads up!

Besides!  Think of how ‘inconvenient’ it would be if we pollute our planet beyond repair??

***Help shift to a new awareness with HHDS with our workshops and classes listed on our site now!

Change is Inevitable -To Move Forward and Make Greater Impact…..


Change is Inevitable

For some time now many of you have been noticing the combining of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa posts and the posts of the Institute For Harmonious Living.  The reasoning behind this is the culmination of a long transition for me.  For some time now I have recognized a calling to follow my path to attaining certification for Holistic Life Coaching, and most recently for Energy Psychology.

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

First lets look at the definition of similar applications of ‘Coaching’, ‘Life Coaching’, and ‘Health and Wellness Coaching’.


Is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development

Life Coach

Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as sociology,[citation needed] psychology, neuroscience,[8] and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve personal goals. Specialty life coaches may have degrees in various fields and may have studied counseling psychology and related areas.

Health and Wellness coaching

In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals “manage” their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature.[32] The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the coachee in bringing his/her behavioral changes about.

So when people ask what Holistic Life Coaching is, basically combine the above and much more.  We now realise through the proof of scientific studies that our mind, body and spirit are linked.  That if one or more areas are out of balance it affects the ‘Whole’.  We also understand that our childhood experiences affect the forming of our personalities, future choices and roles we play in our personal and professional lives.  We also have accepted that our stressful over stimulated lives cause us, over time, to become sick, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So the answer to this ‘Whole Life’ impact to our existence is a ‘Whole Life Coaching approach’ or Holistic Life Coaching.

What is Holistic Life Coaching

Is the recognition of an individuals multi dimensional existence.  That the mind, body and spirit co-exist, and are dependant upon each others balanced health and well being.  Rather then treating separate pieces of an individual with only Physical Western style medical approach to illness, or coaching for individual needs regarding careers, relationships or self, the approach taken on behalf of the Holistic Life Coach is one of the Whole Being. The Holistic Life Coach understands that the career is affected by the personal self, the relationship is affected by the career, the physical body is affected by the spirit, and on and on and on….

So how would specialising and treating in any one area have an indefinite affect in a positive way to the individual if the connected entities were not balanced and cleared and developed into a well oiled machine.  The Holistic Life Coach uses a plethora of tools and skills to assist the client to achieving, mental, physical and emotional states of peak performance and in turn ‘Coaches’ the client to their desired goals and outcomes in every aspect of their existence including, relationships, career, physical health and mental and emotional stability.

What is Energy Psychotherapy?

Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc.

Although psychological functioning involves thought, emotions, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects, at an essential level bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audiotape or computer hard drive contain information in electromagnetic fields, similarly our brain and body operate electromagnetically.  Energy psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including psychotherapy, counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports and peak performance.

Energy psychotherapy includes approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological problems via bioenergy systems. In addition to many standard therapeutic elements such as rapport, listening and discussion, energy psychotherapy also involves procedures that specifically address the underlying energetic aspects of the problem through attunement, manual muscle testing, and various techniques that involve stimulating the body at discrete locations by holding or tapping, assuming specified body postures and movements, visualization, use of affirmations, expressed intentions and assertions, and more. Many approaches to energy psychotherapy also focus on the relationship among bioenergy, consciousness, thought, intentionality, and spirituality. These therapies often achieve observable and measurable results rapidly and usually without causing undue emotional distress or abreaction.

The field of Energy Psychology (EP) has been referred to as “a major breakthrough” and “the medicine of the future.” and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapeutic treatments available today.

Although Energy Psychology may be new to many people several forms of it have been around since the mid 1980’s. EP is based on firm groundwork of Eastern medicine and the subtle energy fields that stretches back at least 5000 years; which focus on the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name given to a variety of therapies that work with the body’s energy system to produce a psychological change by balancing, restoring and improving human functioning both mentally and physically. EP embraces the Mind-Body connection using non-invasive techniques that rapidly release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns at a deep core level and is used as a tool during Holistic Life Coaching practices.

So in understanding what Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology is, I can explain further why I have incorporated these amazing educational accreditations into my life.

change the future

Initially I felt that this was something I was always meant to do.  In starting my career in Hair Design well over 20 years ago I noticed many clients would treat me like a confidant, or counselor, looking for solace, comfort and advice. I always felt a little uneasy about this in a manner of my wanting my response to be one of grounded support, not opinion.  Fast forward over 5 years ago while creating Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I attained Reiki Level one Attunement.  At this time during treatments many obstacles for my clients would come up and they would look to me for assistance. Once again on a grander scale I was motivated to assist these people with an approach backed by educational knowledge, skills and tools.  I have in the past utilized personal, marital and career counselling to find assistance navigating through difficult life experiences .  At no time did I feel empowered or did I feel that I was left with tangible tools that I could effectively use to transform my life and ‘turn my life around’.  I left feeling re-victimized and lost without hope.  My thoughts reflected despair and yielding to the, ‘well that’s life’ analogy.

I got a taste of Life Coaching from a lovely client who offered me a couple of sessions and I was bitten by the bug.  Her sessions were different, more empowering and gave me hope.  Over time I searched for Life Coach training that would allow me to still be a full time mom, business owner and entrepreneur, this was NOT easy!  Many classes were structured during evenings (I already worked two evenings a week and kids were not happy), were too long (Would have taken 10 years to finish part time) Or too expensive, in that I would have to give up my current business to attend or worst still were weekend warrior classes that I simply could not in good conscious attend as I felt I would not have trained deeply enough to truly positively affect change in the lives of my clients.  Then through a dear friend I was referred to Christina Reeves.  Through her amazing class that was conformed to my needs and flowed and ebbed with the demand  my life called for, I had finally found my opportunity to fulfill a life long passion.  To impact others, effectively, affectively, deeply and permanently empowering in a positive manner.  The Goal was to offer others the tools that they could use in their daily lives to be physically healthier, emotionally more balanced and mentally and spiritually impervious to outside negative influence, in turn creating irreversible healing in EVERY area of their lives simultaneously.  Now over two years later, I have been offered the opportunity by my own Mentor and Holistic Life Coach Instructor to take over where she so revolutionarily left off.


As of September 8th 2015 I will be offering Holistic Life Coach Certification Training to ten amazing people searching for an outlet for their purpose to help others.  The program is 10 months long and more information can be fund here: or feel free to call me at 519-404-6627.

As mentioned earlier this evolutionary training experience is offered in the comfort of your own home through Skype and or Phone call at a time specified at your convenience.

As I begin to transition this fall to two days a week in Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I have all the confidence that Elena and Jenna have you in the best of hands.  Their authenticity, genuine care and service to our guests is something special I have been looking for in my Green Family for some time.  As I will still be an active participant for some time at HHDS, I recognize the time is now to begin allowing the next generation to assist with the evolution of this amazing 1st Green Salon Spa and Energy Space in KW and take my next step in assisting further the collective evolution of humanity.  In many ways this is an extension of HHDS in an effort to create awareness of ourselves and in turn a conscious connection to our planet.  The healing we experience in our selves in inevitably impact our planet as more and more people are awakened to their power to heal themselves and make healthier choices for our Planet as we are all intrinsically connected to Earth and Earth to us. Now stating my efforts to assist with the accumulative evolution of humanity sounds like a pretty big undertaking and perhaps a little cocky.  But it isn’t really, because as each client benefits from a HLC session , or multiple sessions, as each future Holistic Life Coach signs on for training, one more ‘Evolutionary Minion’ is set lose out into the world.  One more empowered person is set off on their own path that undoubtedly will impact many more and in turn create an epidemic of crazy, happy, empowered, courageous souls.  So I won’t be doing it alone.

I invite you, Do you want to help?


Tips Tuesday-Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships


Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships

Our last Meet up really triggered some of our sensitive spots regarding how we are truly in control and not in control of our reality at the same time.  We now understand we have no control over others, their choices or behaviour, however we have full control over our reaction, response-ability and in turn our experience of relationships and our lives.

This is a double edged sword.  It is a jagged pill to swallow to acknowledge our participation through choice of focus and reaction in our reality especially if we have been experiencing a lot of pain, drama and chaos.  However once we get beyond the denial, self judgment and guilt, which does not serve us in our healing, we become empowered with awareness.  We begin to realize  that if we have created our past reality by passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences we can, in turn, make consecutive positive choices that lead to a more positive experience.  Let me explain passive choices.  We think by not making choices or simply floating through each day letting life happen to us we are a victim to reality and haven’t chosen to have this reality experience. When in truth we have CHOSEN to passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences and by focusing and reacting to the  pain, drama and chaos.  By not making a choice we are choosing to not make a choice.

In an attempt to deflect responsibility we point the finger at others blaming them for our reality so we do not have to take responsibility for our selves.  In truth others act as a mirror for us. That is the purpose of relationships so what triggers us about others behaviour is really an opportunity the universe has to say, ‘See, look at this and release this behaviour in your self’.  However it is not that simple.  Just because we see someone being irresponsible at work, as an example, doesn’t mean that you are irresponsible at work necessarily.  But since it bothers you, since it triggers you, you might ask yourself , where am I being irresponsible in my own life?  This is where we have a lot of control, if we do not like what we see, we can take responsibility for our selves and in turn the universe has les of a mirror reflection opportunity in others to trigger you.

Now next meet up on Saturday August 15 @ Moses Springer Park from 3-5 we will be discussing Roles We Play when interacting with others.  Some people would describe these as personality traits, or forms of archetypes.  In reality we play each of these roles ourselves at different times of our life.  When it serves us to get the outcome we want in a manipulative fashion.  Some people live and react from some of these roles more then others. By identifying them, understanding why we use them, we can start to understand what the root emotion is that we are trying to compensate for, that we might be missing we can begin to release these roles from our behaviour and be less affected and more understanding of others when they play them on us.

I look forward to sharing these roles with you and if time allows start delving into primary and secondary emotions.  Please feel free to bring a friend!
Don’t worry if you have missed the passed meet up groups we will recap them again in future groups to allow for you to catch up and or delve deeper and ask questions you didn’t think of the first time.


Tips Tuesday – If you haven’t Got Your Health…Fall 2015 Health Supportive Workshops and Classes

If you haven’t Got Your Health…Fall 2015 Health Supportive Workshops and Classes

There is a theme to many of our Tips Tuesday Posts.  Unlike what you would expect that a Hair Salon and Spa would offer.  We know that you are bombarded with fashion tips constantly and with pintrist and youtube, many fashion trends are literally at your finger tips.  We also know that by now you are quite aware of our commitment to staying ahead of fashion trends and offer you the latest in styles, cuts, make up apps. and colours as well as amazing service and experiences for both hair and skin.  So where we put our educational focus is naturally on becoming more Eco Aware and Health Conscious.  The following dates and times for the fall classes could be altered slightly and added to, however I wanted to share the dates now so you would be able to plan around your favourite ones!  Something new for the fall is Kerstin Kramers ‘Make and Take’ classes, learning to use essential oils in practical applications and taking it home for your use and for the use of your family.  I love this because it means instead of just divulging information it takes it one step further to getting you into the habit of utilizing these amazing natural health remedies in your everyday life.  Once you start you will NEVER go back to traditional meds.  I plan on adding some crystal; classes in here too, as Essential Oils and Crystals fit so perfectly together in their complimentary health supportive roles.

A fan favorite it would seem are the classes to attain your Reiki Atunement.  Both Brenda Schrader Sanders and Kerstin offer these.  The cool thing is how each instructor offers a unique spin on this ancient healing technique.  I have found on my journey through to Master Level that it is without a doubt one of the most easily accessed personal development tool.  Attuning to an energy modality shifts your consciousness without much effort at all.  The subtle consciousness awakener has the ability to heal many imbalances in your life, and this is without you even having to offer a treatment to anyone else if you don’t want to.  Reiki and other Energy treatments are so convenient in times of your or your families pain, discomfort and stress.  It is with you whenever and where ever you go.  Obviously this natural tool replaces other meds such as pain killers, sleep aids anti depressants and on and on.

Hypnosis has become more of a focus at HHDS since Brenda began to offer it last year.  It is fascinating to see how one session can provide the extra motivation and perseverance that can sometimes lack without its support and sabotage efforts in areas of weight, career, and like reiki, generally transformation.  Hypnosis is used in many tradition medical treatments and is widely practiced and the results enjoyed by many.

So in closing review this list and visit future posts of this nature to stay on top of the changes and additions to our workshop list for this fall.  We LOVE what we do and, if possible LOVE EVEN MORE, sharing it with you!



September 6th: Introduction to Essential Oils 7 – 8:30 p.m..   FREE (Kerstin)

Reiki Level 1: September 12th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  $175 (Kerstin)

September 18th: Flu Shots to go (make and take class)   7 – 8:30 p.m. $6 per flu shot (Kerstin)

Sept. 19th:    Hypnosis – Career/Entrepreneurs   $80   12:00 – 2:00 for all Hypnosis

Reiki Level 1:  September 26th   9 – 4:00 $175.00   (Brenda)

Reiki Level 2:  October 10th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. $250 (Kerstin)

Oct. 17th      Hypnosis  – Transforming Your Life $80   12:00 – 2:00 for all Hypnosis

October 23rd:  DIY Household Cleaners (make and take class) 7 – 8:30 p.m. $10 per cleaner (Kerstin)

Reiki Level 2:  October 31st  9 – 4:00  $250.00  (Brenda)

November 12th: Managing moods & stress naturally 7 – 8:30 p.m. $10 (Kerstin)

Reiki Level 3/Master: November 14th / 15th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  $450 (Kerstin)

Nov. 21st      Hypnosis for Weight Loss $80   12:00 – 2:00 for all Hypnosis

November 26th: Women’s Health 7 – 8:30 p.m. $10 (Kerstin)

Reiki Level 3/Master:  November 28/29  9 – 4:00  $400.00  (Brenda)

candle_rock__towel_24884654_std     dads facial    crystaltherpic


Tips Tuesday – Big Fashion, Big Sun Protection!

Tips Tuesday – Big Fashion, Big Sun Protection!

When it comes to sun protection using fashion can be fun!

big hat 1big hat 2big hat 3

Big Bold Hats to naturally shade faces and shoulders..

big sun glasses 1big sunglasses 2big sunglasses 3big sunglasses 4

Fun Fashion Forward Mysterious Shades!

And Gloriously Luxurious playful colours of Mineral Make up with natural zinc minerals to protect delicate skin!

fitglow 1fitglowbfitglowcfitglowd

RVB Holistic Skin care products provide SPF 10 protection all day long while moisturizing and protecting the skin!

rvb holistic 2rvb holistic

Any way you look at it many opportunities exist to allow your natural beauty to glow like the summer sun while protecting and guarding against harsh raze!

Pop in and let us hep you find the best options for you and provide you with many more fabulous services and retail options to enjoy summer to the fullest!



Tips Tuesday – 21 Day Challenge

yoga poster

Starting Tomorrow Monday July 6th  @ 7 a.m to 8 a.m ending August 21

Come on out and enjoy body toning, muscle stretching, mind clearing Yoga Practice with Christine Pollack, One of K-W’s Finest Yoga Instructor!  My husband and I have benefitted from her instruction for a couple of months now and we are so happy!  I feel great!  I’ve lost weight and my mind is clearer to execute the tasks of a very busy life.  I am so excited to participate in this 21 Day Challenge with you!  Come out and join us!  We will be meeting in front of HHDS by 6:45 for a 7 a.m sharp start! In 21 days you can quit a habit and or start a new one.  Start a new good habit with me.  For more information on this awesome challenge contact Christine @ and follow her at, or call 519-807-6170

This Challenge will be held Rain or Shine outside or inside HHDS Monday, Wednesday Friday every week for 7 weeks!  Can only come once in a while No Problem!  Drop in individual fee is $15!  Can only make a week or two, No Problem weekly commitment is only $35!  Want to dive in for the full challenge?  Only $150 for all 21 days!  Great savings!

The Following Yoga Benefit tips are from:

1. Improves your flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. During your first class, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes, never mind do a backbend. But if you stick with it, you’ll notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, seemingly impossible poses will become possible. You’ll also probably notice that aches and pains start to disappear. That’s no coincidence. Tight hips can strain the knee joint due to improper alignment of the thigh and shinbones. Tight hamstrings can lead to a flattening of the lumbar spine, which can cause back pain. And inflexibility in muscles and connective tissue, such as fascia and ligaments, can cause poor posture.

2. Builds muscle strength

Strong muscles do more than look good. They also protect us from conditions like arthritis and back pain, and help prevent falls in elderly people. And when you build strength through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. If you just went to the gym and lifted weights, you might build strength at the expense of flexibility.


3. Perfects your posture

Your head is like a bowling ball—big, round, and heavy. When it’s balanced directly over an erect spine, it takes much less work for your neck and back muscles to support it. Move it several inches forward, however, and you start to strain those muscles. Hold up that forward-leaning bowling ball for eight or 12 hours a day and it’s no wonder you’re tired. And fatigue might not be your only problem. Poor posture can cause back, neck, and other muscle and joint problems. As you slump, your body may compensate by flattening the normal inward curves in your neck and lower back. This can cause pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine.

Wide legged standing forward bend III

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown 

Each time you practice yoga, you take your joints through their full range of motion. This can help prevent degenerative arthritis or mitigate disability by “squeezing and soaking” areas of cartilage that normally aren’t used. Joint cartilage is like a sponge; it receives fresh nutrients only when its fluid is squeezed out and a new supply can be soaked up. Without proper sustenance, neglected areas of cartilage can eventually wear out, exposing the underlying bone like worn-out brake pads.

5. Protects your spine

Spinal disks—the shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves—crave movement. That’s the only way they get their nutrients. If you’ve got a well-balanced asana practice with plenty of backbends, forward bends, and twists, you’ll help keep your disks supple.


6. Betters your bone health

It’s well documented that weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones and helps ward off osteoporosis. Many postures in yoga require that you lift your own weight. And some, like Downward- and Upward-Facing Dog, help strengthen the arm bones, which are particularly vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures. In an unpublished study conducted at California State University, Los Angeles, yoga practice increased bone density in the vertebrae. Yoga’s ability to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol (see Number 11) may help keep calcium in the bones.

increase blood flow in handstand pose

7. Increases your blood flow

Yoga gets your blood flowing. More specifically, the relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result. Twisting poses are thought to wring out venous blood from internal organs and allow oxygenated blood to flow in once the twist is released. Inverted poses, such as Headstand, Handstand, and Shoulder stand, encourage venous blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart, where it can be pumped to the lungs to be freshly oxygenated. This can help if you have swelling in your legs from heart or kidney problems. Yoga also boosts levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. And it thins the blood by making platelets less sticky and by cutting the level of clot-promoting proteins in the blood. This can lead to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes since blood clots are often the cause of these killers.

8. Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

When you contract and stretch muscles, move organs around, and come in and out of yoga postures, you increase the drainage of lymph (a viscous fluid rich in immune cells). This helps the lymphatic system fight infection, destroy cancerous cells, and dispose of the toxic waste products of cellular functioning.


9. Ups your heart rate

When you regularly get your heart rate into the aerobic range, you lower your risk of heart attack and can relieve depression. While not all yoga is aerobic, if you do it vigorously or take flow or Ashtanga classes, it can boost your heart rate into the aerobic range. But even yoga exercises that don’t get your heart rate up that high can improve cardiovascular conditioning. Studies have found that yoga practice lowers the resting heart rate, increases endurance, and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise—all reflections of improved aerobic conditioning. One study found that subjects who were taught only pranayama could do more exercise with less oxygen.

lower blood pressure in savasana

10. Drops your blood pressure

If you’ve got high blood pressure, you might benefit from yoga. Two studies of people with hypertension, published in the British medical journal The Lancet, compared the effects of Savasana (Corpse Pose) with simply lying on a couch. After three months, Savasana was associated with a 26-point drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number) and a 15-point drop in diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number—and the higher the initial blood pressure, the bigger the drop.

11. Regulates your adrenal glands

Yoga lowers cortisol levels. If that doesn’t sound like much, consider this. Normally, the adrenal glands secrete cortisol in response to an acute crisis, which temporarily boosts immune function. If your cortisol levels stay high even after the crisis, they can compromise the immune system. Temporary boosts of cortisol help with long-term memory, but chronically high levels undermine memory and may lead to permanent changes in the brain. Additionally, excessive cortisol has been linked with major depression, osteoporosis (it extracts calcium and other minerals from bones and interferes with the laying down of new bone), high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. In rats, high cortisol levels lead to what researchers call “food-seeking behavior” (the kind that drives you to eat when you’re upset, angry, or stressed). The body takes those extra calories and distributes them as fat in the abdomen, contributing to weight gain and the risk of diabetes and heart attack.

12. Makes you happier

Feeling sad? Sit in Lotus. Better yet, rise up into a backbend or soar royally into King Dancer Pose. While it’s not as simple as that, one study found that a consistent yoga practice improved depression and led to a significant increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase (an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters) and cortisol. At the University of Wisconsin, Richard Davidson, Ph.D., found that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in meditators, a finding that has been correlated with greater levels of happiness and better immune function. More dramatic left-sided activation was found in dedicated, long-term practitioners.

Could You Eat Only Plant-Based Whole Foods for 30 Days?

13. Founds a healthy lifestyle

Move more, eat less—that’s the adage of many a dieter. Yoga can help on both fronts. A regular practice gets you moving and burns calories, and the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your practice may encourage you to address any eating and weight problems on a deeper level. Yoga may also inspire you to become a more conscious eater.

14. Lowers blood sugar

Yoga lowers blood sugar and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and boosts HDL (“good”) cholesterol. In people with diabetes, yoga has been found to lower blood sugar in several ways: by lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels, encouraging weight loss, and improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin. Get your blood sugar levels down, and you decrease your risk of diabetic complications such as heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness.

15. Helps you focus

An important component of yoga is focusing on the present. Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores. People who practice Transcendental Meditation demonstrate the ability to solve problems and acquire and recall information better—probably because they’re less distracted by their thoughts, which can play over and over like an endless tape loop.

health benefits of yoga

16. Relaxes your system 

Yoga encourages you to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present, shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system (or the fight-or-flight response) to the parasympathetic nervous system. The latter is calming and restorative; it lowers breathing and heart rates, decreases blood pressure, and increases blood flow to the intestines and reproductive organs—comprising what Herbert Benson, M.D., calls the relaxation response.

17. Improves your balance

Regularly practicing yoga increases proprioception (the ability to feel what your body is doing and where it is in space) and improves balance. People with bad posture or dysfunctional movement patterns usually have poor proprioception, which has been linked to knee problems and back pain. Better balance could mean fewer falls. For the elderly, this translates into more independence and delayed admission to a nursing home or never entering one at all. For the rest of us, postures like Tree Pose can make us feel less wobbly on and off the mat.


18. Maintains your nervous system

Some advanced yogis can control their bodies in extraordinary ways, many of which are mediated by the nervous system. Scientists have monitored yogis who could induce unusual heart rhythms, generate specific brain-wave patterns, and, using a meditation technique, raise the temperature of their hands by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. If they can use yoga to do that, perhaps you could learn to improve blood flow to your pelvis if you’re trying to get pregnant or induce relaxation when you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Social Networking for Yoga teachers

19. Releases tension in your limbs

Do you ever notice yourself holding the telephone or a steering wheel with a death grip or scrunching your face when staring at a computer screen? These unconscious habits can lead to chronic tension, muscle fatigue, and soreness in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, and face, which can increase stress and worsen your mood. As you practice yoga, you begin to notice where you hold tension: It might be in your tongue, your eyes, or the muscles of your face and neck. If you simply tune in, you may be able to release some tension in the tongue and eyes. With bigger muscles like the quadriceps, trapezius, and buttocks, it may take years of practice to learn how to relax them.

20. Helps you sleep deeper

Stimulation is good, but too much of it taxes the nervous system. Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Restorative asana, yoga nidra (a form of guided relaxation), Savasana, pranayama, and meditation encourage pratyahara, a turning inward of the senses, which provides downtime for the nervous system. Another by-product of a regular yoga practice, studies suggest, is better sleep—which means you’ll be less tired and stressed and less likely to have accidents.


21. Boosts your immune system functionality

Asana and pranayama probably improve immune function, but, so far, meditation has the strongest scientific support in this area. It appears to have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system, boosting it when needed (for example, raising antibody levels in response to a vaccine) and lowering it when needed (for instance, mitigating an inappropriately aggressive immune function in an autoimmune disease like psoriasis).

female runner breathing

22. Gives your lungs room to breathe

Yogis tend to take fewer breaths of greater volume, which is both calming and more efficient. A 1998 study published in The Lancet taught a yogic technique known as “complete breathing” to people with lung problems due to congestive heart failure. After one month, their average respiratory rate decreased from 13.4 breaths per minute to 7.6. Meanwhile, their exercise capacity increased significantly, as did the oxygen saturation of their blood. In addition, yoga has been shown to improve various measures of lung function, including the maximum volume of the breath and the efficiency of the exhalation.

Yoga also promotes breathing through the nose, which filters the air, warms it (cold, dry air is more likely to trigger an asthma attack in people who are sensitive), and humidifies it, removing pollen and dirt and other things you’d rather not take into your lungs.

23. Prevents IBS and other digestive problems

Ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation—all of these can be exacerbated by stress. So if you stress less, you’ll suffer less. Yoga, like any physical exercise, can ease constipation—and theoretically lower the risk of colon cancer—because moving the body facilitates more rapid transport of food and waste products through the bowels. And, although it has not been studied scientifically, yogis suspect that twisting poses may be beneficial in getting waste to move through the system.

24. Gives you peace of mind

Yoga quells the fluctuations of the mind, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. In other words, it slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress. And since stress is implicated in so many health problems—from migraines and insomnia to lupus, MS, eczema, high blood pressure, and heart attacks—if you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll be likely to live longer and healthier.

health benefits of yoga and meditation

25. Increases your self-esteem 

Many of us suffer from chronic low self-esteem. If you handle this negatively—take drugs, overeat, work too hard, sleep around—you may pay the price in poorer health physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you take a positive approach and practice yoga, you’ll sense, initially in brief glimpses and later in more sustained views, that you’re worthwhile or, as yogic philosophy teaches, that you are a manifestation of the Divine. If you practice regularly with an intention of self-examination and betterment—not just as a substitute for an aerobics class—you can access a different side of yourself. You’ll experience feelings of gratitude, empathy, and forgiveness, as well as a sense that you’re part of something bigger. While better health is not the goal of spirituality, it’s often a by-product, as documented by repeated scientific studies.

26. Eases your pain

Yoga can ease your pain. According to several studies, asana, meditation, or a combination of the two, reduced pain in people with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic conditions. When you relieve your pain, your mood improves, you’re more inclined to be active, and you don’t need as much medication.

27. Gives you inner strength

Yoga can help you make changes in your life. In fact, that might be its greatest strength. Tapas, the Sanskrit word for “heat,” is the fire, the discipline that fuels yoga practice and that regular practice builds. The tapas you develop can be extended to the rest of your life to overcome inertia and change dysfunctional habits. You may find that without making a particular effort to change things, you start to eat better, exercise more, or finally quit smoking after years of failed attempts.

hands-on assist from yoga teacher

28. Connects you with guidance 

Good yoga teachers can do wonders for your health. Exceptional ones do more than guide you through the postures. They can adjust your posture, gauge when you should go deeper in poses or back off, deliver hard truths with compassion, help you relax, and enhance and personalize your practice. A respectful relationship with a teacher goes a long way toward promoting your health.

29. Helps keep you drug free

If your medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy, maybe it’s time to try yoga. Studies of people with asthma, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes (formerly called adult-onset diabetes), and obsessive-compulsive disorder have shown that yoga helped them lower their dosage of medications and sometimes get off them entirely. The benefits of taking fewer drugs? You’ll spend less money, and you’re less likely to suffer side effects and risk dangerous drug interactions.

30. Builds awareness for transformation

Yoga and meditation build awareness. And the more aware you are, the easier it is to break free of destructive emotions like anger. Studies suggest that chronic anger and hostility are as strongly linked to heart attacks as are smoking, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol. Yoga appears to reduce anger by increasing feelings of compassion and interconnection and by calming the nervous system and the mind. It also increases your ability to step back from the drama of your own life, to remain steady in the face of bad news or unsettling events. You can still react quickly when you need to—and there’s evidence that yoga speeds reaction time—but you can take that split second to choose a more thoughtful approach, reducing suffering for yourself and others.

yoga connects couples

31. Benefits your relationships

Love may not conquer all, but it certainly can aid in healing. Cultivating the emotional support of friends, family, and community has been demonstrated repeatedly to improve health and healing. A regular yoga practice helps develop friendliness, compassion, and greater equanimity. Along with yogic philosophy’s emphasis on avoiding harm to others, telling the truth, and taking only what you need, this may improve many of your relationships.

32. Uses sounds to soothe your sinuses

The basics of yoga—asana, pranayama, and meditation—all work to improve your health, but there’s more in the yoga toolbox. Consider chanting. It tends to prolong exhalation, which shifts the balance toward the parasympathetic nervous system. When done in a group, chanting can be a particularly powerful physical and emotional experience. A recent study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute suggests that humming sounds—like those made while chanting Om—open the sinuses and facilitate drainage.


33. Guides your body’s healing in your mind’s eye

If you contemplate an image in your mind’s eye, as you do in yoga nidra and other practices, you can effect change in your body. Several studies have found that guided imagery reduced postoperative pain, decreased the frequency of headaches, and improved the quality of life for people with cancer and HIV.

woman doing chandra bhedana moon breath meditation pranayama

34. Keeps allergies and viruses at bay

Kriyas, or cleansing practices, are another element of yoga. They include everything from rapid breathing exercises to elaborate internal cleansings of the intestines. Jala neti, which entails a gentle lavage of the nasal passages with salt water, removes pollen and viruses from the nose, keeps mucus from building up, and helps drains the sinuses.

35. Helps you serve others

Karma Yoga (service to others) is integral to yogic philosophy. And while you may not be inclined to serve others, your health might improve if you do. A study at the University of Michigan found that older people who volunteered a little less than an hour per week were three times as likely to be alive seven years later. Serving others can give meaning to your life, and your problems may not seem so daunting when you see what other people are dealing with.

36. Encourages self care

In much of conventional medicine, most patients are passive recipients of care. In yoga, it’s what you do for yourself that matters. Yoga gives you the tools to help you change, and you might start to feel better the first time you try practicing. You may also notice that the more you commit to practice, the more you benefit. This results in three things: You get involved in your own care, you discover that your involvement gives you the power to effect change, and seeing that you can effect change gives you hope. And hope itself can be healing.

anatomy chest

37. Supports your connective tissue

As you read all the ways yoga improves your health, you probably noticed a lot of overlap. That’s because they’re intensely interwoven. Change your posture and you change the way you breathe. Change your breathing and you change your nervous system. This is one of the great lessons of yoga: Everything is connected—your hipbone to your anklebone, you to your community, your community to the world. This interconnection is vital to understanding yoga. This holistic system simultaneously taps into many mechanisms that have additive and even multiplicative effects. This synergy may be the most important way of all that yoga heals.

38. Uses the placebo effect, to affect change

Just believing you will get better can make you better. Unfortunately, many conventional scientists believe that if something works by eliciting the placebo effect, it doesn’t count. But most patients just want to get better, so if chanting a mantra—like you might do at the beginning or end of yoga class or throughout a meditation or in the course of your day—facilitates healing, even if it’s just a placebo effect, why not do it?

Tips Tuesday – Getting Reconnected This Summer!

Earth 2

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Hugs and Kisses!


mental health week #1

Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Tips Tuesday – Why Are We Here?

Earth 2

HHMMM Loaded question!  Well I have a few theories!

We are here to:




Fall Down

Get Back Up

Push our limits

And Find out we have none, other then the ones we create for ourselves

Help others

By Helping ourselves

Get Lost

While finding ourselves


Be Loved

wedding pic

Here’s how I like to do these things:

I like to feel good about who I am by taking good care of myself inside and out

I like to forgive myself and others for not being perfect, because perfect is boringand unrealistic

I like to learn ALOT so I can do and be better then I was yesterday

I like to share what I have learned with others to help them grow, just like I learned from others to help me grow

I like to find easier, safer, more joyful things, places, people, experiences

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

#nails #skin care #Eco Friendly

I put these things into play every day by:

Meditating, Exercising, Eating healthy, listening to my body when it calls to me with dis-ease and imbalance, and nurture myself with self care treatments, like massage, energy treatments walks in nature and lots of rest.

Taking it easy on myself when I’m not 100% on my game knowing that must mean I need a break, taking it easy on others when they are not 100% knowing that must mean they need some self care too.  This is otherwise known as forgiveness.

I love to Read and take classes it keeps my life exciting and my future promising new adventures and the promise of meeting new people every day.

I love sharing my exeriences with others so that they can benefit from the knowledge I have collected that has made my life and relationships more complete.  We can all take turns propelling humanity forward to a more balanced conscious awareness of our impact on each other and the planet by sharing guidance with each other.

i am amazed every day with how this style of living keeps me happy, fulfilled and full of peace and joy.  Not long ago my goal was to feel peace joy and tranquility.  I kept looking for it outside myself.  It took some time but I found it.  Right here inside me, and if you look deep enough you will find it in you too.

Life coaching

I would love to help if you will let me …

Upcoming class for for the end of June include:

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mental health week #1