Tips Tuesday- Doing some INNER work for hair, skin and spirit!

Tips Tuesday- Doing some INNER work for hair, skin and spirit!

Well for many people the colder weather and darker afternoons mark a time for hibernation.  Avoiding the cold and finding cozy solace indoors is common for most of us.  the following ‘tips’ are to make this season a little more positive and less negatively impactful to your hair, skin and spirit.



Find your hair dryer and more static effected this time of year? Try the following regimens and watch how your hair will thank you.

~Do regular deep conditioner treatments, at least once a week

~ Smooth a little styling oil or coconut oil over your hair after styling, carrying Lavender oil in your purse can be used during the day adding smoothness, moisturizing benefits

~ DO NOT wash your hair every day!  Get creative, try pony tails or braids and twists to get through days 2 and 3, excessive washing dries the hair and scalp causing breakage and dandruff



~ On your scalp if you get regular dandruff mix up a bit of coconut oil and lavender oil and rub it directly on your scalp then apply a deep conditioner on your ends for a double whammy moisture experience! Leave on for 10-20 minutes then gently rinse with body temperature water.

~ Get a richer moisturizer for your face!  Winter is more dying and the wind causes the skin to dry out faster.  Using a more moisturizing cream will help, also stay away from foaming cleansers, these tend to be very drying, stick with cream cleansers, like our RVB Holistic Milk cleanser that can also double as a make up remover!

~ Consider adding an oil treatment at night like our RVB essential oil night oil!  Your cells rejuvenate more at night while you rest, so maximize their youthful potential while you sleep with an deep penetrating oil moisturizer!

~ Get a facial once a month at least.  You skin is in so much need of TLC and it barely gets it!  Make sure you get professional care and take advantage of the amazing Facial Friday 20% discount every Friday!



~ Many people find this time of year difficult as less exposure to sunlight and the plethora of holidays can cause a sadness that can seem overwhelming.  Many treatments can help relieve the side affects of the overwhelm.  Reiki, Shambala, and crystal grid therapy are amazing ways to re-balance energy and increase joy and peace to your energy body.

~ Holistic Life Coaching Treatments help you get to the root of the issue with any obstacle in relationships, career or in issues you are haunted by within you from the past.

~ Get outside anyway!  Part of the negative feelings you are experiencing are due to lack of exposure to the sun and clean air that the outdoors supplies.  Get outside for at least 30 mins a day for a brisk walk to get the cobwebs out of your head and the Chi back in your body flowing again!

Every Thursday is Therapy Thursday, enjoy 20% off any Holistic and or Energy treatment!

Tips Tuesday – S0 Much to Celebrate! Join Us For The Following Free Events and Promos!


S0 Much to Celebrate! Join Us For The Following Free Events and Promos!

October is upon us and with it brings several amazing events to celebrate, what better time of year to do so and be grateful then Thanks Giving!

I have been motivated to show gratitude for so many things I wish to share with you.

I get to celebrate 40 years of an amazing healthy life, wonderful friends and supportive family,

Being Nominated for Oktoberfest Rogers Woman of the Year Event

6 years of successfully running Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa


Celebrating the launching of my new business the Institute For Harmonious Living

So to celebrate my 40th I would like to to offer 40% off a hair and skin combined service to anyone celebrating their 40th the month of October!

I would like to invite you to a celebratory make up party on Friday October 16th, enjoy a FREE Mineral Make Up Application, complimentary snacks and refreshments.  Please RSVP for a space!


To celebrate the nomination I would like to extend a 10% discount for anyone who has Oktoberfest tickets!  Bring in your Ticket and receive 10% off the service you have booked for that day, (Discount can only be applied once).


In celebrating the opening of IHL and reaching the milestone of 40 years on this amazing planet I recognize that not EVERYONE is as excited as I am to enjoy such an amazing life event so I would like to offer 40% off a Holistic Life Coach session for anyone searching for guidance and balance in their lives.

So for this Tips Tuesday celebrating a month of Gratitude on reflection of this Thanks Giving Holiday Season, I encourage you too to celebrate your life, your successes and all that you have that many all over the world can only wish they could enjoy.  Showing Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your personal vibration, cure depression and put everything into perspective.


Happy Thanks Giving

Happy Oktoberfest


Happy Birthday to anyone else celebrating their bday this month, come celebrate with us!





Tips Tuesday – Fall Prep for Mind, Body and Spirit!

Tips Tuesday – Fall Prep for Mind, Body and Spirit!

fall 2015 2 fall 2015 4 hair 2015 6 hair 2015 5


The season hair is unstructured, and undefined with loads of waves while utilizing the summers lightened hues but with the integration of some depth at the roots and mid shaft.  Ombres are still a strong colour go to, but with toned down approaches’ that reminisce of fall tones and hues.

fall 2015 1


Skin always shows its best after lots of water drinking and a good nights sleep!  But continue that maintenance with awareness to your skin care is essential!  Remember that you are heading into a dry over heated indoor season, so upping the hydration in your moisturizer is very important.  Also good to note is to avoid the overly pruned eyebrows, that’s right softer more natural brows are in.  Softer more natural everything is in!  The make up trending for fall is looking like natural watercolour paintings rather then typical bold colours and heavy liners we are used to this time of year.  So enjoy your berry stained lips and soft less defined eyes, softer is in, and letting your perfectly hydrated skin glow, especially with our Facial Fridays with 20% off facials every Friday and FitGlow Makeup our Canadian made Mineral Make up line of choice!



Some people find themselves in over whelm with the lighthearted summer vacay months over, it’s time to hit the books/deadlines/overtime, not to mention the kids in all their activities there’s hardly time left to sleep let alone squeeze in that yoga class.  As daunting as it seems to organize yet one more thing, bare with me now.  Set a timeline for your day so that your down time, exercise and self care take equal president along with all those things you must achieve for others.  Find time to ‘hit’ books that stimulate your spiritual growth, and warm your heart on those cool fall evenings, and do NOT skimp on healthy eating or proper sleep just to meet the needs of others.  You are actually more productive when you are well rested and your energy is high, so NEVER compromise the need to feed your spirit, it allows you to be the super wo/man that you know you can be!

Tips Tuesday – New! Exciting new services and service providers to try!!

Tips Tuesday – New!  Exciting new services and service providers to try!!

As you already know we are ALWAYS on the hunt for great new ‘Green’ Family members and services, so without further adieux allow me to unveil for you some great news!!

Kim Fischer is joining our EcoFamily offering Safer skin, nail and holistic services for you and your family!  Kim has a soothing presence and is passionate about joining a space committed to healthier products and services.  A little secret, she might even be able to expand our Ultimate Green Menu, which I am totally pumped about!  Want to be the first to meet Kim?  Her first day is the 23rd of Sept and she works 10-8, yup that’s Weds Wax Day too so book in now while there are still appts available!

Nyssa McDonald's Photo

Nyssa McDonald

Nyssa McDonald Is a Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and owner of Resonating Energies, she is offering Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Meridian Technologies every Wednesday from 10-8.  All of the listed services are defined on the Page of Holistic Definitions on our site.  We welcome Nyssa and I personally am VERY excited to expand our Crystal Healing Treatments!


Morgan Minnick is currently enrolled in Gina’s School for Hairstyling and has joined us as an apprentice!  For some of you her face will be quite familiar as she is my daughter and has worked as a part timer for a few years now.  She has also been the face representing a lot of our marketing material!  Now she will find herself on the OTHER SIDE of the camera LOL,.  Morgan’s prices are reflective of the apprenticeship price point, and she will be assisting Jenna and I with Colour applications, treatments, blow-dries etc, as well as growing her own clientele!  Morgan has attained her Reiki Level 1 and Lash extensions, and is looking forward to becoming licenced as a stylist and expanding her Holistic Treatment Repertoire!

We have possibly Two more stylists joining us very soon, I’m pumped to introduce them, so you will have to watch here for the update coming soon!

Zoya Nude Manicure 1

Launching the NAKED MANICURE!

Repair tired nails, damaged nails or dry brittle nails, enjoy an Anti-Aging Spa Manicure or Pedicure and watch as your hands and nails return to a natural, supple, youthful look!  Ask for Elena or Kim to book your Manicure or add to any other service.

Cynthia is now offering Lymphatic Detox Sessions for an introductory offer of $45 for a minimum one hour session.  This addresses issue with fighting tough infections, bloating or gassiness, joint and muscle pain, constipation, diarrhea, rashes, itchy skin ,swollen  glands, or simply feeling sluggish!

Starting October 2015 we will be offering Sylin’ Saturdays! This will include Wash and Blow Dry with our Apprentice’s for just $20 for short hair and $30 for long hair (Past Shoulders) Straightening or curling included (Event hair like updos adtnl charge)

More New Info coming soon!

Tips Tuesday – How to pick the right Life Coach, Counselor or Energy Practitioner!

On My Institute For Harmonious Living Web Page a recently Posted the Following:


the couch

How do You Know if You Have The Right Life Coach or Counselor?

It occurred to me that many people out there may be experiencing what I had experienced before I decided to become a certified Holistic Life Coach.  I had reached out for help while a teenager, an adult for marital  and again after for singular support to traditional counseling.  Each time I ended my sessions without finding resolution in my issues inside or out.  I realized that many people have become disillusioned with all forms of counselling and many forms of psychiatry because the conflicts that motivated them to reach out for help to resolve never seemed to improve through many expensive sessions with these professionals.  Now let me be very clear, I am not here bashing counselors or psychiatrists etc, I am suggesting that there are others out there, like me, that found this approach simply didn’t work for them.  If like me you have lost faith in counselling and coaching I offer you a list to help clarify how you know if either the specific practice or professional is not for you and that maybe it is time to try a new approach or practitioner.

When your sessions are NOT effective. 

  •  You feel worst after leaving then when you came in for the session
  •  You still point a finger at everyone or that one other person outside of you
  •  The issue you came in to deal with is persisting, and in some cases getting worst
  •  You find yourself becoming more depressed as you feel that there is simply no hope to resolve the issue
  •  You feel hopeless, helpless, powerless and this does not improve with multiple sessions
  •  You find yourself searching for skills and tools to improve your situation and in turn your life and you feel as though you have not learned any constructive approaches to improve anything
  •  You simply stop going because you don’t feel like it is helping and that you might even get more support from talking to a friend and save more money

Signs That you have the Right Coach/Counselor

  •   You feel better after a session then when you came in
  •   You recognize your role in everything you have created in your life the good and the bad
  •   This issue(s) you came to sessions to resolve are improving steadily with each visit
  •  You find yourself feeling more and more condfident and happy seeing improvments over time
  •  You feel empowered stronger and more capable after each visit
  •  You have learned many skills and tools you can utilize in your every day life to help you in anything that comes your way
  •  You achieve so much with your Coach/Counselor that you begin setting goals and attaining them in ways you never thought possible.  Many people who begin seeing the ‘Right’ coaches for assistance with blocks and issues in their lives, once cleared, begin utilizing the expertise of these professionals to set, and achieve goals they never thought they could.  As your needs change the role of the Coach changes too.

I hope this clarifies the difference between effective Coaching/Counseling and ineffective.  If you show ANY of the signs listed in the first list ask around, there is someone out there that can personally recommend a Coach perfect for you.

Amazingly many people with seemingly insurmountable blocks and challenges become the BEST Coaches and Counselors, Why?  Because the empathy and understanding you receive from these experienced individuals comes from first hand experiences with life altering pain and trauma, while proving life beyond the pain can not only exist but be happier and more free from toil and pain then some people who seemingly have had very little if any hurdles to over come.  When encouraged and motivated by someone that has been through these challenges and have come out the other side stronger then ever, it inspires you to over come your own.  It makes you feel safe and capable.  We recognize our own strength when we see someone achieve their goals we have a knowing that we too have that power within us to achieve our own.  If you are one of these lvely people who wishes to follow a calling to help other heal, I would LOVE to assist you on your path.  Email me at and I would be more the happy to start you on your path to complete freedom from drama and enjoying fulfilled purpose.  Check out this site under workshops and classes for more info on this course year 1 and year two options, Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology Certification Programs. **for more info go to


I got thinking about it and I realized that many people entering HHDS have similar problems choosing an Energy or Holistic Practitioner.


So let me list a few things that should alert you to either change the energy treatment or energy practitioner:

  • The issues you have come in to address have not improved
  • The Practitioner keeps referring to themselves as ‘Your Healer’ or makes you feel that you do not have any power in your own healing that only ‘They’ can help you
  • You feel very drained after each session (Some people feel very tired or relaxed after a session, this is different from feeling like your energy is drained)
  • You feel negative after a sessions
  • You feel apprehensive before going in even after a visit or two (Sometimes we feel apprehensive before trying something new, this is different)
  • Your energy practitioner discourages you from trying other modalities with other practitioners
  • Your energy Practitioner starts to cross boundaries making you feel uncomfortable either physically, emotionally or spiritually

Signs that you are enjoying the right energy treatments and practitioner:

  • The issues you have come to address are improving
  • The practitioner reminds you that you are in the drivers seat, they are simply there to help and offer healing energy, that the energy has it’s own intelligence and it already knows what to do.  They remind you that they are simply a conduit for the energy and the body, once clear of blockages heals itself.  They even suggest trying more modalities and other practitioners because that is what is best for you.
  • You feel VERY relaxed, calm, peaceful, emotional, tired (in a good relaxed way, and feel energized after a good nap while the body readjusts to the new healthy energy)
  • You feel excited about future appointments as you see improvement in your health and mental clarity, you leave feeling positive
  • You feel safe and at ease during your sessions knowing your energy practitioner respects your boundaries

**It is very important that you stay in the drivers seat regarding your mind, body and spirit growth and health.  You must be your own advocate always, regardless of whether you are with a traditional family physician or energy or holistic practitioner. If you have concerns make yourself be heard, if they are not listening, find someone new who will respect you and your concerns..

mental health week #1

Tips Tuesday – Transition to Fall and Back To School!


Tips Tuesday – Transition to Fall and Back To School!

Well I just got back from holidays and realized school starts in a week!  Even though it’s later this year summer never seems long enough for me.  Summer is my favorite season hands down.  So I brace myself for less time with the kids and wearing socks to bed again.  BUT it’s not ALL that bad.  While on Holidays last week with my husbands sometimes overwhelming large family, I did a little self review, on many levels.  Transition is inevitable!  My Mom, My in laws, My ex-In laws and my step kids will have all moved within a year and the latter three within weeks of each other. Can you say Holly Crap!  the transition of seasons are a little more typical, but can still be tough.  I decided to plan ahead to allow the transition to happen more gently.  here is what I have decided to try and I invite you to try and even make more suggestions of our own!

1- Get outside more regardless of the season so that I don’t become as house bound, and enjoy the seasons more!

2- Motivate the kids to get their homework done BEFORE we get home from work so we can get outside for bike rides and other seasonally related sports

3- Embrace the positives of each season like hot chocolate and tea on cold days, family game night, walks in the fresh sparkling snow!

4- Indulge in really nice looking warmer clothes, do something fun with my hair colour, layer up a lot to stay warm and plan a vacation somewhere HOT!

5- Be more child like while observing change.  Children have no pre conceived notions or attachment to outcome because many times it’ the first time.  We assume a lot about experiences.  One thing I have learned is that If we choose to observe the moment the outcome changes almost every time.  So assuming winter will suck, will make it so.

So we’ll whether the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not! Now choosing to not like it will affect how we enjoy our life as much as choosing to like it, soooo…. might as well save yourself some grief and have fun with it right?  So get creative with your problem solving.  If transition is an issue, what do you not like about it?  Then come up with a plan to seek the positives and see how your life changes for the positive with your new positive outlook!

back to school

De-Stressing Back To School!


De-Stressing Back To School!

If there re a few little details I have learned over the last 20 years of being a mother I will say this.  Back to school does NOT have to be drama and stress! Here are a list of suggestions to help you through!

  1. It’s been a busy summer, if you feel like you have not had enough time one on one with your kids, book it in IN INK on your calendar now while you have some time to work with.  One thng I had issues with was Mother’s working guilt.  SO book in quiet time, fun time anytime with each kid separately and then some time together as a family.  Doesn’t matter what it is just have fun with it!  Don’t wait for back to school to look back and say crap where did the time go?

2) I used to rush around getting clothes for a full fall wardrobe.  THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS ALOST ALWAYS SWELTERING!!! The worst torture you can put your kid through is sending them to school in flannel or heavy sweaters.  Do yourself and your wallet a favour and get some last minute sale rack summer clothes for the first day.  They will still feel fresh and new but won’t melt all day!

3) Wait to see what others are doing!  Booking your back to school shopping AFTER school starts allows you to prolong the fun, Save on your finances as EVERYTHING goes on sale for fall clothes after back to school ,and lets face it, kids want to know what their friends are wearing.  Many times I dropped a ton of cash on what we thought were great ‘fashion’ items only to find out ‘No one else is where stuff like that MOM!’  SOOOO wait till after back to school, it gives you all something to look forward to, they will still fit through to the spring cause lets face it they grow like little weeds!  And it would suck to buy stuff early to find out there brand new American Eagle jeans are now FLOODS!

4) If you MUST buy some fall stuff do it with assistance AND sanity.  Don’t go over board pick one or two outfits that can mix and match.  Go AFTER you have gone through their clothes at home to fill in the gaps.

5) Use the sales clerks, hoping that they are experienced.  I had a great experience with Alicia at Garage!  My 12 year old has a new figure and doesn’t know what her ‘Look” is .  So after gliding through several store without her ‘Seeing anything she liked’.  I took her for a for sure win (Where my 19 and 14 year old like to go)  Garage!.  I have had to except that the days of popping her in a dress and curling her hair for the first day are over.  She wants to ‘Fit in” not stand out like a Barbie doll!  As we were gliding through yet again with her face looking like a deer in head lights I grabbed a couple things and shoved her into a change room, knowing if she just started trying things on she would get a feel for what she liked.  It’s a tricky stage going into Grade 7 is a big year and kids feel pressure to feel comfortable with how they look.  Luckily Alicia zoned in on us and started bringing in looks she knew were popular!  And Bingo! We left with some great summer /fall transition outfits!

6)  Book in your back to school hair cut BEFORE school starts.  Even if it’s just a trim!  They can always come back in to get their fashion forward cut a month later, once they see what the friends are doing,  but going in looking fresh and tidy is KEY!  For older girls consider waxing, taming those brows or legs for the first time helps them feel tidy and confident.  Wanna make it special?  Flip flops are still going to be worn for the first few weeks maybe a mani and pedi are the answer?

No matter what approach you take for back to school, it’s a big transition for everyone so be gentle with yourself!  AND THEM LOL

Good Luck!

salon0512 052

Living Consciously, Living Green!

Earth 2

Living Consciously, Living Green!

It does not matter how you have been living your life up till now.  From this day forward you can make more conscious decisions to create a more positive affect on your immediate environment and in turn send ripples of awareness all around you affecting the entire planet!

Where do you start?

Start your own Eco Audit!

Look at the energy preservation in your home.  Do you use a lot of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter?  Could your doors and windows be improved or updated?  Roof leaking?  Insulation adequate? Are your appliance high efficiency? If you rent and don’t have a lot of say in the purchase or maintenance of your home look at communicating with your landlord to improve these issues, and or begin doing small improvements like caulking, applying film to the windows in the winter to prevent heat leakage.  Everyone can open windows at night in the summer and close windows and drapes in the day to prevent over running of A/C.  Try using your BBQ more often in seasonal weather to reduce hydro use and prevent from heating up the house with your stove.  If it’s yellow let it mellow!  Flush less!  Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.  Be a light cop!  Make sure lights you don’t need are turned off!  Unplug appliances you don’t need on a regular basis to reduce small amounts of energy being wasted, it adds up!  BTW  ALL THIS SAVES YOU MONEY!!

Go Deeper..

What are your consuming habits?  If something breaks, do you toss it and replace it right away?  Maybe ask yourself do you really use it a lot?  Do you need it?  Could you repair it or donate it to someone who could repair it?  Always ask yourself if something could be reuses, repurpose or repaired before filling our already exhausted landfills!  When you purchase something ask yourself if you need brand new or if you could support recycling and repurposing by buying from second hand or off kijiji!  Again saving you money and reducing the manufacturing of new products that cause negative eco impact in the manufacturing of new products and the endless filling up of our land fills! |When you do buy, do you consider where it is made?  Locally made has the least negative impact on the planet.  How is it made?  Do they use recycled products to reproduce their products if so what percentage?  What is in the product? How will it be reused or repurposed after you use it?  Think long term when you buy, do you really need it?  Can you reuse or donate it after?  Is it easily repaired?  Is it full of toxic materials that will leak into our water table as it decompose?  Does it decompose?

Consider using less…. and less….. and less…..

Native Americans believe every choice they make should be deeply considered in its impact on not just the immediate timeline but on 7 generations!!!  If we began to think this way many issues would be diverted.  When buying anything ask yourself can I find it with less packaging?  How will I deal with this packaging?  Every Piece of plastic EVER MADE is still on this planet.  The original plastics were quite toxic too! We need to reuse this seemingly multi use product found in so many things, and reduce, if not CEASE, making any more NEW plastic.

Buy Local Small Green Business

Where do you shop?  Do you go to big companies shipping in copious amounts of off seas products made in countries with lax regulations on  the manufacturing of their products?  Of do you prefer to shop at markets, or small shops boasting hand made reusable items?

We are a society of convenience and short sightedness.  But this can be corrected!  Shifting these realities is as simple as shifting your awareness.  Make small choices each day that ads up!

Besides!  Think of how ‘inconvenient’ it would be if we pollute our planet beyond repair??

***Help shift to a new awareness with HHDS with our workshops and classes listed on our site now!

Change is Inevitable -To Move Forward and Make Greater Impact…..


Change is Inevitable

For some time now many of you have been noticing the combining of Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa posts and the posts of the Institute For Harmonious Living.  The reasoning behind this is the culmination of a long transition for me.  For some time now I have recognized a calling to follow my path to attaining certification for Holistic Life Coaching, and most recently for Energy Psychology.

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

First lets look at the definition of similar applications of ‘Coaching’, ‘Life Coaching’, and ‘Health and Wellness Coaching’.


Is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development

Life Coach

Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as sociology,[citation needed] psychology, neuroscience,[8] and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve personal goals. Specialty life coaches may have degrees in various fields and may have studied counseling psychology and related areas.

Health and Wellness coaching

In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals “manage” their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature.[32] The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the coachee in bringing his/her behavioral changes about.

So when people ask what Holistic Life Coaching is, basically combine the above and much more.  We now realise through the proof of scientific studies that our mind, body and spirit are linked.  That if one or more areas are out of balance it affects the ‘Whole’.  We also understand that our childhood experiences affect the forming of our personalities, future choices and roles we play in our personal and professional lives.  We also have accepted that our stressful over stimulated lives cause us, over time, to become sick, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So the answer to this ‘Whole Life’ impact to our existence is a ‘Whole Life Coaching approach’ or Holistic Life Coaching.

What is Holistic Life Coaching

Is the recognition of an individuals multi dimensional existence.  That the mind, body and spirit co-exist, and are dependant upon each others balanced health and well being.  Rather then treating separate pieces of an individual with only Physical Western style medical approach to illness, or coaching for individual needs regarding careers, relationships or self, the approach taken on behalf of the Holistic Life Coach is one of the Whole Being. The Holistic Life Coach understands that the career is affected by the personal self, the relationship is affected by the career, the physical body is affected by the spirit, and on and on and on….

So how would specialising and treating in any one area have an indefinite affect in a positive way to the individual if the connected entities were not balanced and cleared and developed into a well oiled machine.  The Holistic Life Coach uses a plethora of tools and skills to assist the client to achieving, mental, physical and emotional states of peak performance and in turn ‘Coaches’ the client to their desired goals and outcomes in every aspect of their existence including, relationships, career, physical health and mental and emotional stability.

What is Energy Psychotherapy?

Energy psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system and heart, meridians, biophotons, biofields, etc.

Although psychological functioning involves thought, emotions, chemistry, neurology, genetics and environmental aspects, at an essential level bioenergy is also involved. Just as an audiotape or computer hard drive contain information in electromagnetic fields, similarly our brain and body operate electromagnetically.  Energy psychology is applicable to a wide range of areas including psychotherapy, counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports and peak performance.

Energy psychotherapy includes approaches to the assessment and treatment of psychological problems via bioenergy systems. In addition to many standard therapeutic elements such as rapport, listening and discussion, energy psychotherapy also involves procedures that specifically address the underlying energetic aspects of the problem through attunement, manual muscle testing, and various techniques that involve stimulating the body at discrete locations by holding or tapping, assuming specified body postures and movements, visualization, use of affirmations, expressed intentions and assertions, and more. Many approaches to energy psychotherapy also focus on the relationship among bioenergy, consciousness, thought, intentionality, and spirituality. These therapies often achieve observable and measurable results rapidly and usually without causing undue emotional distress or abreaction.

The field of Energy Psychology (EP) has been referred to as “a major breakthrough” and “the medicine of the future.” and is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective therapeutic treatments available today.

Although Energy Psychology may be new to many people several forms of it have been around since the mid 1980’s. EP is based on firm groundwork of Eastern medicine and the subtle energy fields that stretches back at least 5000 years; which focus on the electrical activity of the nervous system, acupuncture meridians, chakras and biofields.

Energy Psychology (EP) is the name given to a variety of therapies that work with the body’s energy system to produce a psychological change by balancing, restoring and improving human functioning both mentally and physically. EP embraces the Mind-Body connection using non-invasive techniques that rapidly release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns at a deep core level and is used as a tool during Holistic Life Coaching practices.

So in understanding what Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Psychology is, I can explain further why I have incorporated these amazing educational accreditations into my life.

change the future

Initially I felt that this was something I was always meant to do.  In starting my career in Hair Design well over 20 years ago I noticed many clients would treat me like a confidant, or counselor, looking for solace, comfort and advice. I always felt a little uneasy about this in a manner of my wanting my response to be one of grounded support, not opinion.  Fast forward over 5 years ago while creating Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I attained Reiki Level one Attunement.  At this time during treatments many obstacles for my clients would come up and they would look to me for assistance. Once again on a grander scale I was motivated to assist these people with an approach backed by educational knowledge, skills and tools.  I have in the past utilized personal, marital and career counselling to find assistance navigating through difficult life experiences .  At no time did I feel empowered or did I feel that I was left with tangible tools that I could effectively use to transform my life and ‘turn my life around’.  I left feeling re-victimized and lost without hope.  My thoughts reflected despair and yielding to the, ‘well that’s life’ analogy.

I got a taste of Life Coaching from a lovely client who offered me a couple of sessions and I was bitten by the bug.  Her sessions were different, more empowering and gave me hope.  Over time I searched for Life Coach training that would allow me to still be a full time mom, business owner and entrepreneur, this was NOT easy!  Many classes were structured during evenings (I already worked two evenings a week and kids were not happy), were too long (Would have taken 10 years to finish part time) Or too expensive, in that I would have to give up my current business to attend or worst still were weekend warrior classes that I simply could not in good conscious attend as I felt I would not have trained deeply enough to truly positively affect change in the lives of my clients.  Then through a dear friend I was referred to Christina Reeves.  Through her amazing class that was conformed to my needs and flowed and ebbed with the demand  my life called for, I had finally found my opportunity to fulfill a life long passion.  To impact others, effectively, affectively, deeply and permanently empowering in a positive manner.  The Goal was to offer others the tools that they could use in their daily lives to be physically healthier, emotionally more balanced and mentally and spiritually impervious to outside negative influence, in turn creating irreversible healing in EVERY area of their lives simultaneously.  Now over two years later, I have been offered the opportunity by my own Mentor and Holistic Life Coach Instructor to take over where she so revolutionarily left off.


As of September 8th 2015 I will be offering Holistic Life Coach Certification Training to ten amazing people searching for an outlet for their purpose to help others.  The program is 10 months long and more information can be fund here: or feel free to call me at 519-404-6627.

As mentioned earlier this evolutionary training experience is offered in the comfort of your own home through Skype and or Phone call at a time specified at your convenience.

As I begin to transition this fall to two days a week in Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa, I have all the confidence that Elena and Jenna have you in the best of hands.  Their authenticity, genuine care and service to our guests is something special I have been looking for in my Green Family for some time.  As I will still be an active participant for some time at HHDS, I recognize the time is now to begin allowing the next generation to assist with the evolution of this amazing 1st Green Salon Spa and Energy Space in KW and take my next step in assisting further the collective evolution of humanity.  In many ways this is an extension of HHDS in an effort to create awareness of ourselves and in turn a conscious connection to our planet.  The healing we experience in our selves in inevitably impact our planet as more and more people are awakened to their power to heal themselves and make healthier choices for our Planet as we are all intrinsically connected to Earth and Earth to us. Now stating my efforts to assist with the accumulative evolution of humanity sounds like a pretty big undertaking and perhaps a little cocky.  But it isn’t really, because as each client benefits from a HLC session , or multiple sessions, as each future Holistic Life Coach signs on for training, one more ‘Evolutionary Minion’ is set lose out into the world.  One more empowered person is set off on their own path that undoubtedly will impact many more and in turn create an epidemic of crazy, happy, empowered, courageous souls.  So I won’t be doing it alone.

I invite you, Do you want to help?


Tips Tuesday-Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships


Identifying Roles We Play That Affect Communication & In Turn Relationships

Our last Meet up really triggered some of our sensitive spots regarding how we are truly in control and not in control of our reality at the same time.  We now understand we have no control over others, their choices or behaviour, however we have full control over our reaction, response-ability and in turn our experience of relationships and our lives.

This is a double edged sword.  It is a jagged pill to swallow to acknowledge our participation through choice of focus and reaction in our reality especially if we have been experiencing a lot of pain, drama and chaos.  However once we get beyond the denial, self judgment and guilt, which does not serve us in our healing, we become empowered with awareness.  We begin to realize  that if we have created our past reality by passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences we can, in turn, make consecutive positive choices that lead to a more positive experience.  Let me explain passive choices.  We think by not making choices or simply floating through each day letting life happen to us we are a victim to reality and haven’t chosen to have this reality experience. When in truth we have CHOSEN to passively making negative choices leading us to negative experiences and by focusing and reacting to the  pain, drama and chaos.  By not making a choice we are choosing to not make a choice.

In an attempt to deflect responsibility we point the finger at others blaming them for our reality so we do not have to take responsibility for our selves.  In truth others act as a mirror for us. That is the purpose of relationships so what triggers us about others behaviour is really an opportunity the universe has to say, ‘See, look at this and release this behaviour in your self’.  However it is not that simple.  Just because we see someone being irresponsible at work, as an example, doesn’t mean that you are irresponsible at work necessarily.  But since it bothers you, since it triggers you, you might ask yourself , where am I being irresponsible in my own life?  This is where we have a lot of control, if we do not like what we see, we can take responsibility for our selves and in turn the universe has les of a mirror reflection opportunity in others to trigger you.

Now next meet up on Saturday August 15 @ Moses Springer Park from 3-5 we will be discussing Roles We Play when interacting with others.  Some people would describe these as personality traits, or forms of archetypes.  In reality we play each of these roles ourselves at different times of our life.  When it serves us to get the outcome we want in a manipulative fashion.  Some people live and react from some of these roles more then others. By identifying them, understanding why we use them, we can start to understand what the root emotion is that we are trying to compensate for, that we might be missing we can begin to release these roles from our behaviour and be less affected and more understanding of others when they play them on us.

I look forward to sharing these roles with you and if time allows start delving into primary and secondary emotions.  Please feel free to bring a friend!
Don’t worry if you have missed the passed meet up groups we will recap them again in future groups to allow for you to catch up and or delve deeper and ask questions you didn’t think of the first time.